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NUT 11 2011 NUTRITION 11 – MINI-TERM PAPER ASSIGNMENT GUIDELINES Assignment: The Outline (5 pts): Must include a thesis that is nutrition related and approved by your TA, background information attained from a book and/or a review article, summaries of 3 supporting original research studies, a reference page and attached pdfs of the 1 st page of resources to be used. The outline is due two weeks from the mini-term paper course lecture. The Mini-Term Paper (25 pts): 1000 words ( ± 150), typed research paper on an appropriate nutrition topic approved by your TA. You will be graded on content and format. You must include a reference page. An electronic copy (E-Copy) is due via email to your TA before the arriving at the last class session. Mini-term paper is due the last day of class (in class). Focus: You are to choose a topic of interest that focuses on a specific nutrition issue that is narrow enough in scope to be addressed in approximately 1000 words. An example would be “The role of dietary calcium in hypertension” or “Protein needs in endurance athletes”.
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