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Nut 11 Mini-term - parentheses Background(2 Thesis and Overview(3 Article elements(background purpose methods study type results conclusion(6

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Nut 11 Winter 2010 Nut 11 Mini-Term Paper: Grade It Yourself Name: TA: Section: Your term paper is graded by your section TA and reviewed for consistency by Dr. Shenoy. To help you receive the most points possible, we would like you to “grade yourself.” We anticipate this will prompt you to review your term paper for all the necessary components. You must have this grade sheet filled out completely to earn credit on your paper. Directions : Fill in how many points you think you deserve in each category. The point value is in the
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Unformatted text preview: parentheses. Background (2) Thesis and Overview (3) Article elements (background, purpose, methods, study type, results, conclusion) (6) Transitions b/w paragraphs(1.5) Conclusion (relate back to thesis) (1.5) References alphabetical, cited by # in text and All 5 references cited w/in text (3) 3-5 Definitions (3) Proofread & check spelling (4) Do your 3 original research papers support your thesis? (1)...
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