AAS 10 Syllabus Winter 2012

AAS 10 Syllabus Winter 2012 - AAS 10 HISTORY OF ASIAN...

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Unformatted text preview: AAS 10: HISTORY OF ASIAN AMERICANS Discussion Syllabus for Sections: D 8:00 am Thurs., Haines A24 E 3:00 pm Thurs., Royce 152 F 4:00 pm Thurs., Royce 162 TA: brandon reilly ( [email protected] ) Office Hours: 11-1 Thurs. in Rolfe 2337 Mailbox: Asian American Studies Dept. Mail Room This syllabus is intended for our section meetings and as such is an extension of Prof. Camacho’s syllabus. It conforms to the information that his syllabus lays out on dates, grades, and matters of conduct such as his comment on respect. Leading Discussion in Session For your participation grade, I’m going to have each person give a brief presentation of 3-5 minutes, consisting of an outline and concise exploration of the issues of the week and a question for discussion. 3 people per week will do this. A good way to think about this is that it is like writing 2-3 IDs as you would for a test: all you have to do is quickly and completely highlight what is most significant about a topic, except rather than write it out, you say it out loud, and then you finish with a question. Exceptionally good questions might make their way onto the midterm and/or final exam. If you are presenting, please email me your question the day before section . I will email you a list of who will present and on what date....
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This note was uploaded on 02/03/2012 for the course AS AM 10 121030200 taught by Professor Camacho during the Winter '11 term at UCLA.

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AAS 10 Syllabus Winter 2012 - AAS 10 HISTORY OF ASIAN...

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