Asian American 10 Lecture 3

Asian American 10 Lecture 3 - Asian American 10 Lecture 3...

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Asian American 10 Lecture 3 Problematics of the Model Minority Myth: 1. If apply Confuscian culture, one would succeed. This model minority myth replaces the stereotype of the passive oriental with the stereotype of the successful Asian American 2. Gives the false impression that hard work (in the economic sense of the phrase) overcomes discrimination 3. Defines “success” based only on material, economic wealth, and by doing so, does not problematize the economic structures and racial hierarchies of capitalism. 4. Praises assimilation into an assumed white society as not only normal and unproblematic, but as necessary and desired. 5. Marginalizes the diversity of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. Asian American Migrations: The Chinese I. Expansionism and Industrialism A. The Indian Removal Act of 1830 Notes: Invention of steam engine, fossil fuel, develop and define a new work force of new slaves, Manifest Destiny during this time. Many conflicts with American Indians. Why American Indian instead of Native Americans? Because, when saying Native American – it means that they are foreigners and indigenous to the place. Not qualified. Have a migrant status to America. A: Relocation of Indians to Oklahoma. US government gained lands previously managed by Mexico: Texas, California, and New Mexico. The significance of Indian Removal Act : It represented one in a series of US laws that displaces and dehumanizes American Indians to white culture, politics, and tradition. Provide legal rights to construct railroads across Indian lands. In examining Chinese, narratives of deposition precede American narratives of strength, etc… Are not unique, political experiences but are reflective of deeper social inequity that is US constitutional governance. Burlingame Treaty of 1868 allowed: 1. China to open up economic opportunities with US. Merchants in China. 2. In return, the US welcomed Chinese to migrate freely to the US
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Asian American 10 Lecture 3 - Asian American 10 Lecture 3...

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