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Asian American 10 Lecture 6

Asian American 10 Lecture 6 - Asian American 10 Lecture 6...

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Asian American 10 Lecture 6 Video. “Savage Acts” 1. What do you think about the film? a. Point and counterpoint offer a wide understanding of the times. The film demonstrates a sample of diversity for and against the war. b. Hard to take the movie seriously after the first half. 2. How do you interpret the phrase, “The Question of the Philippines?” a. Assumes the Filipino state is a problem. Ties into the White Man’s burden. b. Filipinos are treated as savages and the US want to civilize, rationalize, and instill culture into these people. c. There is no one answer nor question to these situations. 3. Why does the film compare and contrast the Phillipine-American War with the rise in American world exhibitions? a. The film uses the American World Exhibitions to explain Philippine-American War. By warring against the Philippines, America’s government claims they are doing so for education and civilization to “help their little brown brothers.” By comparing the two, citizens will come to agree that the two scenarios work in
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