Chapter 6 Part 1

Chapter 6 Part 1 - Chapter 6 1 Define the term republican-Republicanism not a political party but rather an entire political culture They founded a

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Chapter 6 1. Define the term republican . -Republicanism, not a political party but rather an entire political culture. They founded a national government without a monarch or aristocracy; in other words a genuine republic. 2. How did the American Revolution differ from subsequent revolutions elsewhere? -By comparison, the immediate results of the American Revolution appeared much tamer, less wrenching. 3. Detail the structure of the Articles of Confederation. -The Articles of Confederation were approved in November in 1777. The articles jealously guarded the sovereignty of the states. The only way to preserve liberty was to place as many constraints as possible on federal authority. The Articles provided for a single legislative body consisting of representatives selected annually by the state legislatures. There was no independent executive and no veto over legislative decisions. The Articles also denied congress the power of taxation, a series oversight at the time of war. Amendments to this
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