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Chapter 9 Part 3 - 11 Explain the Missouri crisis and why...

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11. Explain the Missouri crisis and why Southerners were alarmed. -The South feared for the future of what it regared as a necessary balance of power between the sections. Up until 1819, a strict equality had been maintained by alternately admitting slave and free states; in that year, there were eleven of each. Northern population was growing more rapidly than southern, the South saw its equal vote in the senate as essential for preservation of balance. 12. Summarize the resulting Missouri Compromise of 1820. -In February 1820, the Senate passed the Missouri Compromise, voting to couple the admission of Missouri as a slave state with the admission of Maine as a free state. A further amendment was also passed prohibiting slavery in the rest of the Louisiana Purchase north of the southern border of Missouri, initially rejected but eventually won House approval. 13. Discuss John Marshall's constitutional views and some of his notable rulings.
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