Chapter 11 Part 2

Chapter 11 Part 2 - slave trade took off. 13. Explain the...

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7. What percentage of southerners in 1860 owned slaves? How many were large planters with dozens of slaves? - 8. Discuss the role of the small slaveholder in the Old South. -Typically farmers used one or two slaves to easy the burden of their own labor. 9. Describe the economic and social character of yeoman farmers in the South. -Yeoman farmers, who owned the land they worked on, were just below the small slaveholders on the social scale. They were disadvantaged because of the lack of economic development and urban growth perpetuated frontier conditions and denied them the opportunity to produce a substantial surplus for market. 10. Identify the two factors that led to the boom in cotton cultivation in the South. -The cotton gin and the switch from Long-staple cotton to short-staple cotton. 11. Analyze how the upper and lower South came to differ. - 12. Describe the internal slave trade. - As slave prices rose and demand for slaves in the upper South fell, the internal
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Unformatted text preview: slave trade took off. 13. Explain the impact that slavery had on industrialization.-The union of slavery and cotton that central to the South’s prosperity impeded industrialization and left the region dependent on a one-crop agriculture and on the North for capital and marketing. 14. Summarize at least three of the proslavery arguments -Slavery was profitable, Slaves were better off than northern wage laborers. Blacks were a less evolved species and Whites were doing them a favor helping them ease into society. . 15. How did the South become a "closed society?" Essay topic: Describe slavery in the South. Evaluate the impact of slavery on the economic and social systems of the South. How did slaves resist slavery? How did the South's reliance on a slave labor system restrict its ability to diversify its economy? How did Southerners attempt to justify slavery? 1...
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