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Unformatted text preview: Study Guide #1 Introduction to the Art and Technique of Filmmaking FTVDM 122B Prof. Deland Nuse Class description The class will be an introduction to the practical and aesthetic challenges undertaken by artists and professionals in the creation of motion pictures and television. Class Goals • To learn how the essential technical and aesthetic elements are utilized to create film art. • To recognize and develop an appreciation of the wide range of film forms and styles. • To develop your viewing and critical skills (personal growth and development). State of the Art • We live in the most exciting time ever, for making and seeing films. • We are also in an era of rapidly changing technology where we are integrating past techniques into current practice. • But…filmmaking is not just about technology. It is much more about the process of utilizing the tools of production and collaborating with professional spets to tell stories. Questions? • What is art and how do we define it? • How do we experience art and how does it affect our lives? • What is the value of art and what role does it play in the culture? • What is film art? • What are techniques of film? • What are the various kinds of films? • What are the elements of film? • Is film like a language and if it is what is the visual grammar of film? • How is film different from other arts? • What are the historical tendencies of film art? 2 Theories of the Value of Art • Art as pleasure and entertainment (beauty and play). • Art as individual expression (the “Romantic ideal” of heart and mind intersecting). • Art as knowledge and understanding (telling truths about the human condition). What is the purpose of the artist? • To take elements from the quotidian world and rearrange them in a form that creates New meaning : a response to the Entropy of the universe • To create unity among disparate elements. • To create an expressive work greater than the sum of its parts . What are techniques? Techniques are the systematic procedures by which complex tasks are accomplished. W hat are the differences between art and craft? • Art is something unique, one of a kind. • Craft refers to a repeatable process that demands a degree of skill. Skills that produce works that are not necessarily unique. • During the production of a film, there is always a tension between the two. What is the nature of film art? A complex art comprised of: Narrative Drama Cinematography (photography) Film is not a singular art. Film is created through the combination of other arts, a combination where the importance of one or more of these arts can be emphasized or deemphasized ....
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StudyGuide1_Introduction - Study Guide#1 Introduction to...

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