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Zach Schatz COM 107 Extra Credit Will Advertising Survive the Digital Age? The advertising presentation by Randall Rothenberg, President and CEO of Interactive Advising Bureau, dealt with the current question as to how the advertising industry is reacting to a new digital age. The current issue, according to engineers, is that advertising seems almost unnecessary because information does not need to be spread through these ads. Today, if someone is interested in a product or company, they can simply search online for the necessary information. There is no reliance on the advertisement within papers or magazines as there once was. A key component to the presentation relied on the survey by Booz Allen Hamilton, in order to address the problem that, “the ecosystem is at an Inflection Point.” The results of the survey came out in a five-part answer. The first observation made by Booz was that there was a massive audience fragmentation. Secondly, boundaries are blurring among media as well as roles across the ecosystem. One example of this is the
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Unformatted text preview: iPad as it combines various media of reading, music and TV/video. The third point is an intensifying focus on measurement of business impact. The next conclusion drawn by the surveys was that there is an arms race for consumer insight and big ideas. Mr. Rothenberg stressed the importance more on consumer insight and less actual advertisement. Finally, the surveys said that there are more choices than ever for consumers and advertisers. In the end, Mr. Rothenberg concluded his presentation by showing why it is important for advertising to be a prominent industry. In a nutshell, advertising is necessary for things you dont care about. Products the public needs on a daily basis does not need nearly as much advertising in order to be successful. On the other hand, other goods that are not as mandatory in life thrive off of successful advertising to appeal to the public....
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