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Extra Credit 3 - the ends up spending over a year in prison...

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Zach Schatz COM 107 Extra Credit “Nothing But the Truth” Viewing In this movie, Rachel Armstrong is a young reporter for the Sun in Washington D.C. pushing for a story to exploit a CIA agent for her true identity and conspiracy work. After getting the green light to send the story to print, Rachel’s life begins to change as the clash between the government’s national security and the freedom of the press takes over her life. As a matter of national security, the government demands that Rachel reveals her source, but as a journalist, she cannot simply conceive that information. By revealing her source, Rachel would lose her credibility as a reporter, but there is not federal law that protects her source in the case of national security. After calling for a grand jury, Rachel is forced to reveal her source or face jail time. She chooses jail and in
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Unformatted text preview: the ends up spending over a year in prison for not giving up her source. The story ruins her life as her husband leaves her, taking their child along with him. It is the price she paid for her moment of journalism fame. Throughout the movie there are numerous references to other court cases similar to Rachel’s. All of these examples, such as the Pentagon Papers, are a hundred percent accurate with the correct legal procedures throughout the film. The various stages of court scenes are also on point with the grand jury and such, but not so accurate for the Supreme Court representation. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the movie with the parallels between our class discussions and the movie. I was able to follow the historical references and amendment citing due recent topics in class....
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