102 Term Paper (Rough Draft)

102 Term Paper (Rough Draft) - When the word"society is...

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When the word “society” is mentioned, it gets mixed results depending on the perspective. Societies can flourish, depress, ingest, or oppress. Society in the movie V for Vendetta , written by Alan Moore, is oppressive and limits the freedoms of the inhabitants of London. One shadowy figure known as “V” brings out a revolution, not only within a once apathetic inhabitant, but the rest of London’s citizens. Change comes in different forms, most of the time through fear. This was the case both with Connie in Joyce Carol Oates’ “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” and in the film. Change is brought out through fear of a shadowy figure, posed as a villain. Arnold Friend is that villain to Connie. However, when viewed closely, Oates may be subtly hinting at the need for change within the youth of that time, and Arnold Friend may be the being that stirs the pot. Both the film and the story call to the attention the needs of others over the desires of one, and this idea is crucial and applicable to Americans today. Terrorism takes a direct approach in the film V for Vendetta, with the threat being “V”, a masked vigilante who yearns to destroy the oppression of the fascist government of London. His cause is a noble cause that his actions follow which become catalysts for a civil movement within London’s inhabitants. He inspires change through a young apathetic Evey Hammond”. Her role in the film is a supporting character, but what she represents is much more. She is at first taken hostage by V, during which time she learns of his crusade, and ultimately being the one who pulls the trigger for the final plans of his plot. V acts in such a moving way that even the audience wants to get involved. His history with the government is a personal cause, hence
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102 Term Paper (Rough Draft) - When the word"society is...

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