AG - QUIZ QUESTION QUIZ 1 1. Sara Palin is the governor of...

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QUIZ QUESTION QUIZ 1 1. Sara Palin is the governor of ALASKA 2. According to the author, the GOP is accusing the Democratic Party’s reaction to the selection of Susan Palin by john McCain as being SEXIST 3 . Based on his comments on the television show CBS Face the nation, Rudy Giuliani seems to supports Palin as McCain vice-presidential choice because they were both mayors in the past. 4. GOP supporter major general Craig Campbell has stated that Palin is qualified to lead because she was in charge of in-state services of relating to the Alaskan National Guard 5. The GOP considers Sarah Plain’s biggest weakness as lack of foreign policy experience. QUIZ 2 1. The first American colony was Jamestown 2. On September the 4 th , 1774, the colonies convened the First Continental Congress in Philadelphia. The goal of the congress was to force England to recognize the autonomy of the colonies. 3. The Quartering Act of 1775 was imposed by the British on the American colonists. 4. The Boston Tea Party * was a protest against England’s Stamp Act * is generally considered the start of the American Revolution 5. When General Gage put martial law into effect on June 12, 1775, which stated that anyone hoping the Americans would be considered a traitor, the Americans began to fortify a hill. They later lost the hill. This hill was called Bunker Hill. 6. Thomas Paine wrote the pamphlet entitled “common sense,” which moved many Americans to the cause of independence. 7. In 1778, American and French formed an alliance, which stating that each would consider the other a “most favored nation” for trade and friendship 8. The Coercive Acts essentially eliminated the Massachusetts Charter of government. 9. When fighting broke between the England and the American colonies, the colonies appointed George Washington the future president of the US as the commander of Revolutionary Army. 10. The declaration of the independence was signed on July 4 th, 1776 . 11 in 1791, the bill of rights was passed by the 1 st Congress of the US, these are actually the first 10 amendments to the Constitution. 12. Define the word ratify (ratification) QUIZ 4 1. according to Benjiemin Bolinger’s 2007 “pint: abolishing the electoral college,” the main argument he make about the electoral college is it has betrayed American values such as majority rule, equality, and representative government. 2. the US Constitution assigns *each state a number of electors equal to the combined total of both Senate and House of Representatives delegations and *538 total electoral votes 3. what is a “faithless” or “faithful” elector? An elector who votes for a different candidate than the one for which he/ she has pledged to vote 4. which of two states use the district system? Maine, Nebraska 5. according to Maria Lynn McCollester in Counterpoint: preserving the electoral college, what fundamental need does the electoral college serve?
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it has the ability to maintain a system of checks and balances on the American government. Preservation of the two-party system
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AG - QUIZ QUESTION QUIZ 1 1. Sara Palin is the governor of...

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