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Unformatted text preview: The Republican President Candidate John McCain 02/07/12 Althas 1 John McCain 02/07/12 Althas 2 John McCain 02/07/12 Althas 3 Biography Age:72 Birth Date: August 29, 1936 Birth Place: Coco Solo Naval Air Station , Panama Canal Zone Ethnic background: ScotsIrish, AngloIrish and English ancestry. Religious beliefs: Mormon Althas 4 02/07/12 Family Members Parents: John. S. McCain and Roberta McCain Wives: Carol Shepp Cindy Lou Hensley Children: Meghan, Bridget, Jimmy and Jack. 02/07/12 Althas 5 Early life and military career United States Navy Academy,1954 Vietnam War Prisoner of war, 1967 Released on March 14, 1973 02/07/12 Althas 6 House and Senate career United States Senator from Arizona,1987 A member of the senate select committee POW (Prisoner of war) In 1995 the U.S. normalized diplomatic relations with Vietnam McCain won reelection to a third senate term in November 1998 Althas 7 02/07/12 2000 presidential campaign 9, 27, 1999 in Hampshire Beaten by Bush Lose the campaign 02/07/12 Althas 8 Fourth Senate term McCain Detainee Amendment, 2005 Support the war in Iraq "I would much rather lose a campaign than a war." 02/07/12 Althas 9 2008 presidential campaign 4, 25, 2007 in New Hampshire Became the presumptive Republican nominee, 3, 4, 2008 Choose Palin to be his run mate,8, 29, 2008 02/07/12 Althas 10 Good Luck! Althas 11 02/07/12 Sources 02/07/12 Althas 12 ...
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