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Pol 201/202 Issues in the Presidential Campaign: China Obama-McCain support stronger US-China cooperation China Daily, September 15, 2008 Washington -- In articles written for a US business magazine, both Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama and his Republican opponent John McCain have advocated stronger US-China cooperation in trade, global warming, nonproliferation and other issues. Both articles appeared Sunday on the website of the American Chamber of Commerce in China, and will be published in China Brief, the chamber's monthly magazine, on September 22. How the United States and China meet common challenges, "and the extent to which we can find common ground, will be important both for our own countries and for others in Asia and beyond," Obama wrote. "China has achieved extraordinary, sustained growth over the past three decades. Hundreds of millions of people in China live better now than most thought possible even two decades ago," he said in the article.
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Obama-McCain_support_stronger_US-China_cooperation - Pol...

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