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1. What is the relationship between the following four events: Tea Act of 1773 Boston Tea Party Coercive Acts of1774 Declaration of Independence 2. Explain McCollester’s argument for preserving the electoral college. What three points does she make to justify her argument? Talk about them in detail and give examples. 3. Explain Bollinger’s argument that the Electoral College should be abolished. What are the three main points he makes to justify his argument? Talk about them in detail and give examples.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. In the Ignorant American Voter,by Brett Schuylte, Rick Shenkman implies that the average American voter is ignorant.What evidence does Shenkman supply to support his claims? What examples does he use and what is his conclusion? What is his suggestion to un-dumb American voters? 5. According to the text you have read, the national press plays three roles. . What are these roles, what does each one mean, and give examples for each....
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