Helpman (1999)- The Structure of Foreign Trade

Helpman (1999)- The Structure of Foreign Trade - 8....

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The Structure of Foreign Trade Elhanan Helpman (1999) Helpman, Elhanan. 1999. “The Structure of Foreign Trade.” The Journal of Economic Perspectives. 13(2): 121-144. Begins with a review of: 1. Ricardo- Classical Theory 2. Heckscher-Ohlin- 2 Factor, 2 Sector Theory (and idea of abundance and relative endowment) 3. Samuelson- Sector Intro 4. Lontief- Lontief Paradox: hypothesized that capital-rich state should export capital-intensive products / Found that the US was IMPORTING capital-rich products (this is the paradox) 5. Leamer- Famous for data-set construction 6. Vanek- introduction of technology coefficients to the study of factor content vs. factor abundance 7. Bowen, Leamer, Sveikauskas- extension of Vanek’s work
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Trefler- New data set where states endowments are disaggregated into 9 categories / Finds very slight correlation between factor content and factor abundance (refuting Bowen, Leamer, and Sveikauskas) Main thesis of the review is that: 1. Intra-industry trade should be taken into account in econometric models 2. Product Differentiation should also be accounted for product differentiation is so prevalent that it is hard to see why it is even necessary to justify its presence in economic modelsadding product differentiation does improve the fit between theory and data. 142 3. Economies-of-Scale should be taken into account...
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Helpman (1999)- The Structure of Foreign Trade - 8....

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