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[Student’s Last Name]1 Melissa La Rosa Dr. Jim Young Managerial Communication 7 February 2012 Communication in your Workplace My job in the Coast Guard is to maintain the financial accounting books for my department. In my recent workplace I have observed firsthand both human relations and empowerment communication characteristics. Some of the basic principles of human relations are: you get treated as a human, managers understand the feelings and emotions of all employees, and managers encourage informal and formal relations, high jobs security satisfactions, employees participate in decision making especially in those matters affecting their interest. Human Relations is a relationship between the manager and the employee to which the attention of social needs and participation are met to improve moral (Geraldine E. Hynes 8). The theory behind the human relations approach was the Hawthorne studies which researchers came into increase the lights in their workplace and when done productivity increased. Then researchers came back to decrease the lights and notice that productivity still increased. The conclusion was that the researchers shown personal interest in the workers that as they consulted with and kept them informed about changes. The relationships established between researchers and the employees was quiet different from that of the managers and employees in other parts of the plant.
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WA#1-MC MLA doc - [Student's Last Name]1 Melissa La Rosa Dr...

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