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La Rosa1 Melissa La Rosa Dr. Martinez Intro to Biology 2/7/12 Writing Assignment # 2-28 1. How do the physiological functions of human beings and other complex organisms reflect the basic functions of individual cells? It coordinates activites, including growth and reproduction (cell division). Physiology studies the mechanical, physical, and biochemical processes of living organisms by attempting to understand how all of the structures function as a whole. The theme of "structure to function" is central to biology. Physiological studies have traditionally been divided into plant physiology and animal physiology, but some principles of physiology are universal, no matter what particular organism is being studied. 2. What are the fundamental internal structures of cells, and how do these structures result in the basic functions of the cell? Cells are the basic structural and functional unit of all living things and contain inheritable genetic material. The activity of a cell is carried out by the sub-cellular structures it possesses. Cells possess an outer boundary layer, called a cell membrane, cytoplasm, which contains organelles, and genetic material. There is considerable variety among living cells, including the function of membranes and sub-cellular structures, and the different types of functions the cells carry out, such as chemical transport, support, and other functions. 3. How are cells able to use similar internal structures to perform different specialized tasks? They have to grow and divide - When you’re sick they divide and make new cells. They have to divide and other cells come in - It’s also called a divide - In and out cell process.
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La Rosa2 4. How is the cell able to import and export materials through the selectively permeable plasma membrane? A cell uses the process of exocytosis, to export bulky materials from its cytoplasm to the outside.
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WA_2-28 Biology - La Rosa1 Melissa La Rosa Dr Martinez...

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