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La Rosa1 Melissa La Rosa Dr. Martinez Intro to Biology 2/7/12 Writing Assignment # 7-326 1. Is the clapper rail headed for extinction or is the species having a temporary decline due to excessive predation, lack of resources, a disruption in the lower trophic levels, or some other reason? Explain your response as it relates to the specific ecosystem. Possibly on the west coast, the marshland habitat is being compromised in several ways. The bays that it uses in California are being drained and polluted. Humans are moving into the area insuring an unsettling habitat for these fairly reclusive birds. These are its breeding areas. Without an area to raise its young its population will continue to decline. Finally, it is so closely related to the king Rail that they freely interbreed and produce viable young. They are considered the same species by some scientists. On the East coast they have a little more leeway. Their breeding grounds aren't being impinged upon so greatly. They have a lot more area to survive. Both coast's rails occupy coastal grounds from the North through the South American shorelines including the islands in between. The south American Coastline of Brazil is still quite secure for them. The West coast Rails are already on watch. The East Coast Rails re
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WA_5-103 Biology - La Rosa1 Melissa La Rosa Dr. Martinez...

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