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Assignment 3 - ENCE 320 Chapter 2 Questions p.39 1....

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ENCE 320 Chapter 2 Questions p.39 1. Thorough and detailed job of needs identification. Needs identification is the initial phase of the project life cycle. It is important to do a thorough and detailed job at this stage to identify the real needs of the company so time and resources are not wasted elsewhere. 2. Describe a situation. A situation in which I applied needs identification would be choosing a college, a place that would consume the better part of the next 4 years of my life. I wanted to examine all the minor details to make sure the decision I made was one that could last. 3. Selecting the right project. It is important to select the right project before you begin working so a company does not invest time and resources into a project that is not necessarily the outcome they had intended. 4. Business selecting projects. Businesses select projects based on quantitative vs. qualitative and tangible vs. intangible factors. Quantitative vs. qualitative factors include the financial factors (can we profit from this project?) vs. factors such as considering if this project is even worth pursuing. Tangible vs. intangible are all other outside factors that could contribute to the project, such as protecting a company’s image. 5. Examples of situations. A situation in which a business might develop an RFP would be one such as a company looking to expand a manufacturing plant to increase production on a specific good it produces. In this case a company will communicate with
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Assignment 3 - ENCE 320 Chapter 2 Questions p.39 1....

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