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prob.iii-1 - |'F‘ JECWEEpt l5 22.031 3 22.312 ENGINEERING...

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Unformatted text preview: | 'F‘ JECWEEpt l5 22.031 3: 22.312 ENGINEERING OF NUCLEAR REACTURS Problems 2-5 and 3-1: Due Segtember 17, 1998 2-5 The spatime and temperelly maximum linen: heat generation rate in the care is eem puted an: {‘1‘ : 'SS#I.}Dxl.fi§1l-l§‘ ff] e: 566 .1 .. “LIL/L hula? lg” 1 Thus the margin to failure is: He£—‘ | Cl {51.1456 ‘al'd. 1-,. 1 Or :- WEEK 3-1 QM =3e33 mwm H.349: ‘- _.;._."-_ MMI=5114 kg per asseerrdzllj,r J3- -' [2233911 519D MeWfiss F253 1: {fissinn eress seetien ef U335} f=Relie ef energy depesited in. The fuel to total energg,r releeeed per fissienzflflfi '.‘-' Kr i5 by definition the released energy per figsien depesited in The fuel, it‘s easy In 951 the Intel energy released per fissien as: :‘ ECG TXTr : 7"; ITUT :5 '3;- Page l of} IecEe’Sept 15 15' l Recalling that the fiesien rate in en eeremhly can he expressed as (If. Ch N (where N15 is the number eruEES nuclei in the essembty‘), flit: following relation holds: QM 2.5 a : lXfiTM [ran $5 M _ Nets "* And therefore: at) = Rafi? (at) I ) Net: It‘an q—JC‘ N The ieetopic enrichment can be readilyr computed fi'em the weight enrichment as: E i=5 are 34.33% ..__I I; H _ 3: _ 3: + (t ) H13 where Mr5 and M13 are the etemje weight of U-EHS and U-233, respectively. The number of moles ef U per assemth is: H'FW‘E ._—-———" a {HH— EHEZ. (|'<1]ng+ H01. 4 Arte the melee {it'll-235 per eeeemhly ere: qu = :3}, XU ; WEE, Xu : Einafly, N25 can be calculated as: 1F EQL 1? 1‘ {HE S x NM 3 XU,5 Eur n gt ql H Eqiyields: CE _ 13. M £2: 3‘ 5 F {U 1 Page 2 cf 3 IaeEISept 15 The average volumetric heat generefien rate is: ~. Di , am: Que/wee a: Zefi‘g my - where pugz=flflpm=9373 I<g,r'rJ'_'|"i and :1 i3 used because 6:11;: the energy Eternally depesited in the fuel contributes to its veiumetrie heat genemtiefi. - e The average iineer power is: l xéem I e {3.24 W” __ $1 # Na“ NEW L WM. where Hui“ is the numb-er of pin per assemny and L is the pin active length. If g”: L 5; 6J2.3 Ex: 11‘ b: M1 Page] of} ...
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prob.iii-1 - |'F‘ JECWEEpt l5 22.031 3 22.312 ENGINEERING...

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