prob.iii-6n - JaoBFSept 2 I:5 Primary system The total...

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Unformatted text preview: JaoBFSept 2 I :5. Primary system ' The total storetl energy in the primary eoolant is: Q-i- where Mm. is the total mass of the primary eoolant, uPu is its average speeifie internal -'--"-energy, l'l'rpr; its average speed and s1”; its average altitude aboye the bottom of the containment. Assuming the average temperature of the coolant to be approximately Silicth antl _ consulting thennodynamie tables. the yatue oi'oF; is found: "'upfittao chr'kg I Gravitational anti kinetie terms are negligible [assume a 1D mr’s speed, a 21'.) in attitude to prove it}. " . When a big LOCA oeettts and all the primary eoolant flows into the containment the energy increment of the eontainment is obviously flFmJEEI'vIFGupct-‘IUS (J‘J. The reasoning can be earried on to compute the energy so emergeney eontainnten’r '- ' cooling system has to remote to end the accident. [I we assume that the aeeioeot is over when the ennraiionent is back to room temperature and atmospherie pressure, we - ean ennipute the to -l'.|E'-}'E111fl‘1.-"L."t.l energy as: n “r i: h - _ He: l Po L LL Pg Lia} 1.yhere on is the specific: internal energy of the primary Coolant at 25'122 anti 1 arm. 'I From the table is: uu=1fl5 leh'kg. Thus. rifles??? (H. _ Seenmfory coolant! ' By means ot'sn analogous proee-Jore, the following t‘ESulls are found: 'flFeunFfiRUj JaeHrHeptf-li : . ' Hum; The internal energy is to he used (rather than tlte enthalpy-j heeattse the GI'lti'JEiipV takes into account the work an ontsirie mass has to rlo to enter the system {or Vicente-Isa an inside mass has to do to exit it). Sieee the primary syelem [and the _fiflflflfldfll";" as well} ean he considered as a close system {hethre the LOCA takes piece}. the stored energy requires Lhe use of the interest enerev. Dgcgu'pu I-tfe‘f' Because the reeetor operated for an infinite time! the decay power P at time tn5 el'ter ...... "shutdown is computed es: E: where Pg—‘LHII MWlit is the rated power oi" Lite reactor Ltnrier nonnal operating -eé’ Er: 6' 06 E? £3; conditions. To get the total energy released by decay pew-er in a day, the following integral is to he perlitrmed: Chemical rerun-xterm The total mass oi'Zr (Ma) in the reaetor is: H ext 1 Where n-izr and N are the mass of Zr in a heel pin and the camber of the! pins in the e a" an ' -~ mean“ 5-.“— etli. moo LC? reactor, respeetively. Hence; N-SUtEth and i'. {—J '1) "I _ nl - I Ir-‘IJiLI-I. in 1: T‘— ( IQ“; —- ii'LQL- 1k, ting Pu 'Ln {I FELL Page 4 ell .‘i I r Eider: S than" I r c 1 x ‘ f I' '- Ibfi ' a ‘7 ’— Eeigcsj 3‘ flit : QIU’JE o J (,3; kits}; ’3. at": ‘3 es ll A JHEIL’SEPI ] when: Rm and Kc; an: the nuter and inner radius 0f the: chad {Rm-4.??? man, Rum-1. 1 3 mm}, L is the length of the pin {L=4 :11} and par is the dammit} of Z: {pflafijxlul kgt'mfij. The atumiu weight ot'fir is 9122 gfmul, thus the number of moles ME: in [113 reactor is 232,224. Tit-Wu at" thcsr: males rnstct with HIE: flfluurding to the following reaufimt: {a + 2 H153" —} EH"th 4 lfil to release “33.5 {3.1 and mpmduce348:3361mlcsofE-1} t0 yieid 41 (it and m pmttuut: 53.056 mules UfC which mt its turn reach: with LTD; accnrding to: C 4: CE} 1 A; 2. CL} Lu 10.1 CH and 11) product: 116,112 mullet; quU. Cramfmfit‘frm ofH; and CO Hath inwlved reactions an: exothemtit: {1.6. may release energy}: ‘ the cnmhtlstinn nt‘H; reteasas 83.6 {H I J- - the combustion 0f CD releases 33.1] (if 1' Pal-ru- 5 u'l' 5 :1 ...
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prob.iii-6n - JaoBFSept 2 I:5 Primary system The total...

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