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Jingwei "Eleanore" An anjwe@umich.edu English 124.004 Professor Short September 6 th , 2011 Assignment #1 Symbolism in Rapunzel The story "Rapunzel" is full of symbolism, and one of the major ones is the "garden". When we mention "garden", the first thing that usually comes to our mind tends to be the story of Adam and Eve. Indeed, the "garden" in "Rapunzel" is represents the symbol of temptation, just like the apple tree in the Garden of Eden. Tracing back to this biblical story of Adam and Eve, we can see that in their heavenly Garden of Eden, there existed the temptation of forbidden fruit right under their eyes. Because of Eve's curiosity and greed and Adam's blind love, they ended up being exiled from their protection, innocence, and happiness. Similarly, the "garden" in "Rapunzel" is close enough to be seen easily through the little window at the back of the couple's house. The "garden" is the apple tree, and the "rampion" is the delicious and temptatious forbidden fruit, a taste of which can make people crave much more
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Rapunzel - Jingwei "Eleanore" An anjwe@umich.edu...

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