AGITATION AS ADVOCACY - goals Tactics of solidification...

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AGITATION AS ADVOCACY Irritating people to make some kind of change Strategies – systems of actions Tactics – specific acts Petition the establishment This is the normal process we go through to create change. It must be the 1 st step and if change occurs the movement has succeeded and ends Propse legislation Ask the city council to put a stop sign in Run for an office/ impeach someone Promulgation Develop the membership Get other organizations involved “spread the word” Exploit the media/make “news worthy” events Seek “legitimizers” Celebrities Authorities who support your position/cause Solidification Reinforcing the group’s beliefs and behaviors Maintains and defines the values of the group
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Protest songs Protest plays Slogans In-group publications The purpose is to keep the expanded group focused and reinforce the original values and
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Unformatted text preview: goals Tactics of solidification Protest music typically falls on 1 of 5 formats Innocent victim vs. wicked victimizer Powerful and brave vs. weak and cowardly United vs. divided Important and valuable vs. unimportant and worthless Righteous vs. immoral Polarization You are either with us or against us It is a bifurcation of the issue – there are two sides of the problem Right or wrong There can be no middle ground for members of the organization People can’t be “sort of” committed Escalation/Confrontation It is designed to escalate tension until the establishment has to take notice and do something Could involve a threat of disruption “non-negotiable demands” Could even lead to token violence...
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AGITATION AS ADVOCACY - goals Tactics of solidification...

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