exam 1 notes - Building Support on the Home Front Total...

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Building Support on the Home Front Total Propaganda -You cannot factual report on the war and still get support on the home front This is address in Jacques Ellul’s Chapter: “The Characteristics of Propaganda” o We get information from a variety of sources Propagandists must use all of the media outlets at their disposal o Radio, T.V., Poster, the Press o Meeting, door-to-door canvassing o Even movies and T.V. shows Movies as Propaganda o After 9-11 “Collateral Damage” had its release date pushed back because of a fear that it would promote vigilantism o During WWII the movies were used as another way to motivate people on the home front o Movies were used to generate support for the war by showing popular celebrities in was films WWII War Movies (1941-1945) o Fighting Sullivans (1944)- 5 brothers in army o Four Jills in a Jeep (1944) o Next of Kin (1942)- careless talk gets people killed o This is the Army (1943)- Ronald Regan o Three Sons o’ Guns Vietnam War Movies (1959-1975) o The Deer Hunter (1978) o Post War Movies o First Blood (1982) o Missing In Action (1984) o The A-Team (1983) Cold War o Rocky IV –Training montage o Russians were characterized as: cold, mechanical, humorless, emotionless, evil Modern Use of the Media o T.V. show 24 o Explains why we need to use torture to extract information o Show the enemy as evil killers who just want to kill o Shows why we need to give us some personal liberties o Shows how technology helps us and budget cuts are bad Rhetoric Visual rhetoric- based on saturation (believe if if not true) Constructions of Identities o Deveolpe images and associations in our mind
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exam 1 notes - Building Support on the Home Front Total...

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