Regulating the Censorship

Regulating the Censorship - Regulating the Censorship...

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Regulating the Censorship Placing the Blame In this part, the authors claimed that there is a tendency to blame much of the Economic Censorship on advertisers. It is stated that advertisers are in control and responsible for most consistent and the most pernicious censor of media content. Based on this opinion, there is a top-down model of the communication process that implies a linear influence process from advertisers to consumers. According to this model, the consumers are the victims of advertiser force and media acquiescence. Advertisers are responsible for imposing their collective will upon media and infringing the freedom of speech, and media just keep silent and passively accept what advertisers ask them to do. However, the authors suggested that the model idealizes media as an altruistic endeavor without considering its free-market nature. They claimed that the relationship between these three parties is much more complex and dynamic. Therefore, as the authors came up with the circle of communication model of influences on media content in which advertiser, media, and consumers have power to influence each other, and the government has some control on each party. Vocal Consumers
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Regulating the Censorship - Regulating the Censorship...

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