The Press Effect (summary of reading)

The Press Effect (summary of reading) - The Press Effect...

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The Press Effect Background Information A) There is a problem with the information source of press. Many reporters spend most of their time among politicians, and other journalists. When asked for the source, many reporters cite "the people” despite the fact that the circles in which they operate contain few ordinary citizens. B) Many reporters like to judge what “voters out there” are discussing, which they may not be at the best place to do so. C) If a candidate does or says something that reflects his particular flaw, it is much more likely to show up in news than if his opponent did or said the same thing. This is the essence of how a press frame operates: It highlights certain features of reality and not others, determining what finds its way into news and what is omitted. Gore as Lying Panderer A) Politicians tell truth every day, but we judge them differently. We have complex and often inconsistent standards applied to the statements public officials and candidates make. B) There are four situations in which candidates’ statements accept different levels of inspection. a) “Little white lies” which is to be polite to listeners and “self-aggrandizing lies” which is to enhance speaker’s image, these two kinds of lies are not examined carefully. b) Statements with essentially same content but different phrasing accept different levels of inspection. c) Sometimes, the politicians’ statements, even they are obviously untrue, are so common and expected that they will not be considered as lies. For instance, the official denies political considerations as a motive behind the decisions. d) In the context of a policy debate, whether an administration official is at heart a dishonest person is seldom at issue. C) Although voters certainly have a right to expect that the same standards will apply to the statements f both candidates in a race, but there is big difference of the criteria on which press report about Bush and Gore. With same dynamic of campaign playing out, for Bush, it is the campaign that is thought to be altered, not the person. While for Gore, changes in his campaign attempt to deceive. D) The consistent scrutiny of Gore’s statements for inaccuracy was partly a result of successful
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The Press Effect (summary of reading) - The Press Effect...

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