Study Note 1 - Definition of a Campaign What is a campaign...

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Definition of a Campaign What is a campaign? A campaign is intended to generate specific outcomes or effects in a relatively large number of individuals usually within a specified period of time and through and organized set of communication activities. Definition in terms of objectives One group’s intention to change another’s beliefs or behavior This definition comes to the fore when intentions are controversial (i.e. gay marriage/abortion) Changes may be accomplished through communication campaigns or non communication behavioral engineering. Definition in terms of methods Innovative or controversial methods (i.e. anti-abortion groups’ confrontational tactics or communication materials) Public communication campaign may involve a conventional mix of communication methods. (Situations may be different in countries with various industrialization levels) Campaign sources Voluntary associations (service oriented, faith group, etc) – lead organization Federal government – sponsor or conduct campaign, rare direct involvement Foundations – similar to government but less politicized Corporations and industry – promote awareness of public benefit activities Social scientists Role of Social scientists Provide theory-grounded approach to campaigns Not always in line with stakeholders’ initial approaches to campaigns but they confirm the roles played by other stakeholders Social scientists can serve as catalysts of cooperation in designing theory-driven campaigns Campaign and social control Public communication campaign works with other social control strategies, they employ the similar logic The paradigm to protect public misuse (通通通通) Engineering (automatic seatbelts) – first strategy Education (‘seatbelts save lives’) – second strategy Enforcement (“Click it or ticket”) – third strategy Campaign and process approach When engineering and enforcement are not feasible or desirable, education is the only strategy, the attention shifts to the process of communication Education involves: Media producers Private groups
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Journalists Educator Additional thoughts Campaign designers bring in the construction of messages. To scare people to make them do something does not always work. Toward different groups of people, the campaign messages should be different. There are always certain ways persuading people doing certain things. Stages/Phases of Campaign Overview of campaign process Planning and Strategy Development (Formative Evaluation) Market Research/Consumer Research Target Audience Identified Step 1: Assess the Health Issue/Problem and Identify All Components of a Solution Describe the problem Find out what has been done with the problem
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Study Note 1 - Definition of a Campaign What is a campaign...

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