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persuasion lecture 4~6 - COMM405 Lecture 4 Lecture 4 The...

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Lecture 4 (Feb 26, 2010) The SMCR Model of Persuasion (Pg. 11) Source, Message, Channel, Receiver Not used in advertising today Rank’s Model of Persuasion (Pg. 14) Rank’s Model is based on the “intensify” and “downplay” schema. In this model there are four strategies and six tactics . The four strategies are: 1. Intensify their own good points. 2. Intensity the weak points of the opposition. 3. Downplay their own bad or weak points. 4. Downplay the good points of the opposition. Example from Athos: 1. Selling an umbrella by intensifying your good points (such as “unbreakable”, “strong as lion”, “limited stock”, “buy now get 10% rebate”, etc.) Not showing you the actual stock or the actual selling price. 2. Then downplay the opposition’s bad points (but you cannot put the opposition’s name on the advertisements, or it will take you to the court). The six tactics are: Intensification i. Repetition ii. Association iii. Composition Downplay i. Omission ii. Diversion iii. Confusion Intensification (Politician: Repetition) My good points Other’s weak points - I will fight terrorism till the end and punish all those involved in Sept. 11 - I will make America a safe country. - I will bring back all American soldiers from Iraq with glory. - I will cut down the petrol price once Iraq becomes free. - No more tax. - He deserted the army when he was in Vietnam. - He is a man without character. - He never kept his promise - He was involved in love affairs and created a bad name to our country. - He did not tell the truth on WMDs. - His opinions on global warming are baseless. 註解 [IF1]: Intensity and downplay the good and bad points by using rhetoric language. 註解 [IF2]: e.g. Repeat a TV, newspaper, magazine, or radio advertisement again and again so that the audience can see it and memorize the good points of their product as well as the bad points of the opposition’s product. COMM405 Lecture 4 Prepared by Gary Lai 1
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Intensification (Manufacturer of a product: Repetition) My good points Other’s weak points - This BMW car is built up with the latest technology.
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