persuasion theories part 2

persuasion theories part 2 - Criteria for responsible...

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Criteria for responsible persuasion There are three circumstances seeming to increase the chances that responsible receivers can be rationally and ethically persuaded. 1. Both sides have an equal opportunity to persuade and each has approximately equivalent ability and access to the media of communication. In the election, if proponents of one side has no freedom to persuade but advocates of the other side have, audiences may get biased view of issue. Responsible persuasion cannot happen. 2. There should be a revelation of agendas. Each should notify the audience of its true aims and goals and say how it intends to go about achieving them Political candidate should admit how they intend to attack their opponents and how their own policies will be launched. In many cases, this criterion is met only partially, but even having a hint of real goal of a persuader can make us more responsible receivers. 3. The presence of critical receivers, they test the assertions and evidence presented to them, they look for information from all sides and withhold final judgment until they have sufficient data. This is the most important one, if we have this, even the previous two are minimal, we can still have responsible persuasion. The critical press and audience can pull many negative ads.
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persuasion theories part 2 - Criteria for responsible...

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