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CULTURE 3 definitions of culture Beliefs, norms, expectations, assumptions, values, standard of judgement and experiences of collective groups. ( It treats culture as a NOUN, external, objective and static) Social production and reproduction of sense, meaning and consciousness. ( It is more dynamic, emphasizing the people producing and reproducing culture, YOU are part of culture) Structure of feeling. STRUCTURE FEELING Objective Subjective Material Empemeral Observable Invisible Ratinal Emotional 7 characteristics of culture Culture is not innated, it is learned. DISTINGUISH nature FROM culture biology society genetics enculturation Culture is arbitrary, it is determined by chance, whim or impulse, and not by necessity or principle. (There is no way to foresee or predict what will happen) Culture contains meanings which is expressed through symbols. (eg: Thai culture is based on hierarchy, king is the head of state and head is HIGH and feet is LOW. Social hierarchy dictates that a commoner's
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