midterm exam - Creating product recognition through...

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Creating product recognition through trademarks, packing and slogans Trademark 1. It identifies a company's product, it is a symbol (verbal/visual/both) that tells the consumer who makes the product. It does not have to be words found in language, although after being widely used, it may find its way into the dictionary. 2. Sometimes advertisers are so successful in identifying the trademark with the product that the trademark becomes a common equivalent for the product. 3. To protect a trademark, manufactures insist that it be used with the term for the generic product. 4. A product may also be identified by a trade character who personifies that products important characteristics. And some trade characters are a clear and simple extension of the name of the company. 5. Now color is also part of trademark protection. Packaging 1. It is another potent means of providing product identification. 2. The name of the product and the package will reinforce each other. Slogans 1. An effective slogan summarizes the ad and provides a memory peg on which the name of the product is hung. 2. It is a catchy phrases devised and used by the advertisers to attract the consumers. 3. Sometimes, a slogan may transcend the ad and enter the vocabulary through which we think about the discuss our lives. 4. Some slogans are more susceptible to parody than others 5. Long after a product has abandoned a slogan, the slogan retains currency because we tend to store highly redundant messages in our memories for later retrieval 6. A slogan can create wonders, but be careful to avoid noise. Noise here is anything that interrupts the delivery or the
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midterm exam - Creating product recognition through...

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