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Brand Management & Product Decision - Emergency...

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The concept of products A) The core products (generic product) a) Associated with the basic function a consumer receives in the form of a physical item or intangible service B) Branded products (identified product) a) The core product plus characteristics organizations use to differentiate it from similar products. Most important is the brand name. b) It not only carries the value of the core product but also have a distinctiveness that allows consumers to recognize and recall experiences with them. C) Augmented products a) Including characteristics that enhance value beyond that of the core and branded products. b) Another aspect of augmentation is product bundling strategy that combines many products into a single offering. c) Privacy and security of online shopping is also important to augmented product. d) The movement toward green marketing is a form of augmentation. D) Consumer product classification a) Unsought products b)
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Unformatted text preview: Emergency products c) Convenience products d) Shopping products e) Specialty products E) Business product classification a) Capital products a.1) Installations a.2) Equipments b) Production products c) Operations products c.1) Supplies c.2) Services Product Line Decisions A) Product depth and breadth B) Global product decisions Brand Management A) Trademarks B) Trademark piracy C) Brand strategies a) Generic strategy b) Individual brand strategy c) Family brand strategy d) Manufacturer’s brand strategy e) Private brand strategy f) Hybrid brand strategy D) Brand equity: the value of a successful brand a) Brand awareness b) Brand loyalty c) Perceived brand quality d) Brand associations e) Competitive advantage E) Maintaining brand value F) Developing a successful brand name G) Joint marketing of brands Packaging and Labeling Ethical Issues Surrounding Product Safety and Liability A) Product warranties B) Product recalls...
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Brand Management & Product Decision - Emergency...

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