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Department of Civil Engineering Spring 2009 CEE 4211/5211 Traffic Engineering Dr. Henry Liu REPORT GUIDELINES It's the author's sole responsibility to convey the desired information to the reader. The reader should not be expected to hunt for tables, equations, or most importantly, results and conclusions. If you do not accomplish this, you have failed. 1. QUALITY not quantity is important (including presentation quality). Leave white space, and carefully consider the overall appearance of the report. 2. Reports should NOT be first person narratives (e.g. I did this, then I did that, but it didn't work, so I asked. ...). The report should be prepared as if it is to be presented to a client who has hired you for design and analysis. Your payment (i.e. grade) is a function of the final product. 3. Projects must include (minimally): (a) Title page with all appropriate information (b) Table of contents, with pagination identified (c) Executive Summary (1-2 page summary of project objectives and specific results)
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