Marketing Management Study Questions part 1

Marketing Management Study Questions part 1 - Selective...

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Selective Retention Why didn’t smokers tend to recall negative messages about the effects of smoking? Learning What are the key elements of the 3 learning processes (types of learning) discussed in class? How can you determine which learning approach is used for a particular marketing communication (advertisement)? Can you dissect an ad (or create an ad) that contains an unconditioned stimulus, unconditioned response, conditioned stimulus and conditioned response? What is the difference between reinforcement and punishment? What are several categories of reinforcements? How does drive reduction work as a reinforcement? What does pre-potent response mean? Give examples of negative reinforcements. Is it better if your customers have habit or cognitive loyalty and why? What type of consumer purchases tends to involve cognitive learning – high or low involvement? Attitudes What are consumer attitudes and why are they important to marketing executives? In what ways do marketers influence consumer attitudes? Are attitudes learned? Do you seek facts or beliefs? What are the components of attitudes and how would you describe them to a business associate? Describe how you evaluate 2 autos, by giving choice criteria, affect regarding criteria and beliefs about each brand. Describe 4 ways a marketer might alter components of your attitude to change your purchase preference. How does involvement influence attitudes and behaviors? What is source credibility and what are two major characteristics (and sub-elements) people need who have high source credibility? What does it mean to be an attractive source –what are some elements of attractiveness? Is it better to give a strong argument first, last or in the middle if you want to influence attitudes? Does humor or fear work to influence attitudes and what are some suggestions regarding these two elements? Information Processing How do consumers encode and retain information in order to make consumption choices? What is episodic and semantic encoding?
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Marketing Management Study Questions part 1 - Selective...

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