objectives of integrated marketing communication

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Objectives of Integrated Marketing Communications 1 Provide information: provide necessary information for consumers to help them make buying decision. 2 Create demand for products: to stimulate people to desire what they do not have and inspire them to earn the money to acquire items. 3 Communicate value: convey a product’s benefits in a memorable way 4 Communicate product uniqueness: illustrate their brand’s unique qualities to build preference in their target markets. 5 Close the sale: move buyers to action the first time and reinforce their positive experience 6 Build relationships and loyalty The Communication Process 1 With the advent of one-to-one marketing, such as on the Internet, it is increasingly important to use the two-way communication. Marketers should first be clear about their target market and communication objectives. 2 One of the most important aspects of the communication process is feedback from the target audiences. 3 Elements of the communication process: A The message sender A.a) It is the message sender’s responsibility to make sure the message is received by the targeted audience and helps the audience become knowledge and elicits an appropriate response. A.b)
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objectives of integrated marketing communication -...

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