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Personal Selling 1 Types of sales personnel and selling situations A Direct sales and Missionary sales A.a) Direct sales: a salesperson interacts with a consumer or company in order to make a sale A.b) Missionary sales: people do not take orders but influence purchase by recommending or specifying a product to others. B Types of sales personnel (figure 14.2 P414) C The circumstances in which selling occur A.a) Executive and team selling (A.a.i) Many executives, although they are non-sales titles, view personal selling as one of their primary functions. (A.a.ii) Team selling involves people from most parts of the organization, including top executives, who work together to create relationship with the clients buying organization. Especially in high-technology business, nearly every function gets involved in the sales process. A.b) Field selling (A.a.i) Occur at a consumer’s residence or at a customer’s place of business (A.a.ii) Salespeople’s job is to discover prospects, make contact, and create relationships (A.a.iii) The best performers in field selling are often skilled at learning about the customer’s situation and problems. A.c) Over-the-counter selling (A.a.i) Customers are drawn to the salesperson by the attraction of the store itself or by advertising and sales promotion. (A.a.ii) Salespeople need to be skilled at identifying customers’ requirements quickly, often in a single encounter, and at providing the appropriate service at the point of sale. A.d)
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personal selling - Personal Selling 1 Types of sales...

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