the concept of mass communication

the concept of mass communication - The Concept of Mass...

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Relations 1 Technological perspective: in recent years, marketers have been budgeting less advertising dollars to traditional media and more to internet advertising. It is partly due to the fact that on-line advertising is easier to measure than the traditional ones. 2 Global mass communications A It occurs when a marketing team standardizes key elements of these activities across national boundaries. B Sometimes global promotion requires some adjustments at local level C The cost of developing creative promotions can be shared across many markets D It works best when: A.a) Customers are the basis for identifying segments and product is compatible across cultures. A.b) The firm to have similar competitors and an equivalent competitive position in most of the markets A.c) Promotion management is centralized 3 Ethical issues in advertising, sales promotion, and public relations A Deception: a false belief is created or implied and interferes with the ability of consumers to make rational choices. Advertising 1 The multiple purposes and roles of advertising A Informative advertising A.a) Provide messages that consumers can store for later use A.b) The more information an ad provides, the better the response will be A.c) The Internet provide a very effective format for informative advertising B Persuasive advertising B.a) Change consumers’ attitudes and opinions about products as well as create attitudes where none exist C Reminder advertising C.a) Keep the product at the forefront of the consumer’s mind C.b) Draw connection between the brand and some aspect of life D Reinforcement advertising D.a) Call attention to specific characteristics of products experienced by the user D.b) Communicate with the consumer about product features that created the greatest amount of satisfaction 2 Advantages and disadvantages of advertising (P382-82) 3 Categories of advertising A National or brand advertising: focus on brand identity B Retail advertising: draw attention to relatively nearby establishments C Directory advertising: a listing of businesses, their addresses, phone numbers, and sometimes brief descriptions in a publication D Business-to-business advertising: send messages and provide technical information to a variety of organizations. E
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the concept of mass communication - The Concept of Mass...

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