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ME8281_S12_Syllabus - ME 8281 Advanced Control Systems...

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Unformatted text preview: ME 8281 Advanced Control Systems Design Department of Mechanical Engineering University of Minnesota Spring 2012 Instructor: Perry Li Office: MechE 309 Email: [email protected] Tel: 612-626-7815 Class schedule:WF 10:10-12:00 Office Hours: Tu 2:00-3:00pm (tentative) talk to me immediately after class, or by appointment. Course URL: http://www.me.umn.edu/education/courses/me8281/ Overview This is a first graduate level course on control systems with an emphasis on controller design. Prerequisite materials assumed are generally covered in an undergraduate level control systems e.g. ME5281 at the University of Minnesota which covers classical SISO control, and an introduction to states space control concept. About 3/4 of the course will deal mainly with linear systems (or linearized systems), and the rest of the class will be concerned with introduction of some nonlinear control system design techniques. In class and homework examples will be taken from various application domains and research projects. We will rely heavily on MATLAB for analysis, design and simulations of these systems. Homework assignments will consist of theory (pen and paper) and design / simulation (using Matlab). There will a significant term project, and a final. Grading Homeworks - 50% Final - 30% Project - 20% Textbooks Goodwin, Graebe, Salgado, "Control System Design", Prentice Hall. 2001. We will not follow the book strictly, but will pick topics from the book for at home reading, examples, homeworks and discussion etc. Notes, course materials, and papers will be handed out or posted on the course website from time to time. Other recommended texts for reference are: Recommended Texts 1. Glad and Ljung, "Control Theory - Multivariable and Nonlinear methods" Taylor and Francis, 2000. fairly comprehensive, useful reference, but may approach the theory in a different way as in class. 1 2 c Perry Y.Li 2. Franklin, Powell, Emami-Naeini, "Feedback control of dynamic systems", Addison-Wesley, 3rd edition+, 1994. Excellent undergraduate text. 3. Desoer and Callier, "Linear Systems Theory", Springer-Verlag, 1991 Linear systems text using geometric ideas. 4. Anderson, Moore, "Optimal Control - Linear Quadratic Method", Prentice-Hall, 1989. [outof-print]. Excellent text on Linear Quadratic Control. 5. Doyle, Francis, Tannenbaum, "Feedback control theory", McMillan, 1992. Good introduction to robust control ideas and loop shaping 6. Khalil, "Nonlinear Systems", Prentice-Hall, 2nd+ Ed. 1996. Fairly comprehensive on nonlinear systems analysis, and some control design ideas. 7. Slotine, Li, "Applied Nonlinear Control", Prentice Hall. 1991. Introductory book (i.e. readable) on nonlinear control. Course Outline 1. Review of states space modeling, linearization of nonlinear sytsems 2. Response of linear systems 3. Controllability and observability - concepts and tests 4. Balanced realization / model reduction 5. Robustness and performance trade-off (Loop shaping design) 6. State feedback and observer output feedback 7. Innovation feedback and Q-parameterization 8. Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR) [loop transfer recovery (LTR)] 9. Kalman filter and LQG 10. Trajectory tracking control 11. Input Shaping 12. Internal model control and repetitive control 13. Introduction to Lyapunov stability theory 14. Selected nonlinear control topics ...
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