FSBA_XAN - High accuracy closed center flow...

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High accuracy closed center, flow divider-combiner valve Capacity: .6 - 3 gpm (2,5 - 12 L/min.) Functional Group: Products : Cartridges : Flow Divider : Divider/Combiner : Closed Center - High Accuracy Model: FSBA-XAN Product Description Closed-center flow divider/combiners are sliding-spool, pressure-compensated devices used to split flow in one direction and combine flow in the opposite direction. These valves may be used to accurately control two or more cylinders or hydraulic motors where bidirectional operation is required. Technical Features All flow divider and divider/combiner cartridges are physically interchangeable (i.e. same flow path, same cavity for a given frame size). Extreme pressure intensification can occur on multiple wheel drive vehicles. Operating characteristics cause the leg of the circuit with the greatest load to receive the higher percentage of flow in dividing mode. If a rigid mechanism is used to tie actuators together, the lead actuator may pull the lagging actuator and cause it to cavitate. Flow between ports is limited to spool leakage. This does not provide
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FSBA_XAN - High accuracy closed center flow...

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