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Revised 01/05/12 1 ME 4232: Fluid Power Control Lab University of Minnesota Prof. Perry Y. Li Lab. 1: Fluid Power Control Lab. Orientation Objectives To be acquainted with the fluid power test bench and its components; and to be sure that the safety procedures are adhered to at all times. Demonstration You will be shown a typical fluid power circuit consisting of A pump / reservoir / filter assembly An analog pressure gauge An analog flow meter Two digital pressure sensors A digital flow sensor Various hoses and connectors A cylinder actuator with a linear potentiometer A three position four way directional valve The first 4 items are fixed to the test bench and cannot be changed. The T.A. will explain the operation of the circuit. Procedure Identify the fluidic symbol for each of the items listed above. You will need a separate symbol for the pump, reservoir and filter. Draw the fluid circuit diagram for the demonstrated circuit.
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Unformatted text preview: • Disassemble the circuit and rebuild it according to your diagram. • What aspect (variables) of fluid flow most directly affects the velocity of the cylinder? In light of this, discuss what must happen in order to vary the velocity of the cylinder. What is the role of the directional valve in this? Report Turn in a one-page report containing the following items • Your circuit diagram with the correct fluidic symbols • A concise description of the operation of the circuit, i.e. how fluid flows in the circuit, its effects on the actuator and what each component does to the fluid • Describe briefly the possibility of controlling the speed of the cylinder The report should be typewritten (hand drawn diagrams or pasted in diagrams are okay as long as they are clear and tidy. e.g. You should use a ruler! )....
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