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Revised 01/19/12 1 ME 4232: Fluid Power Control Lab University of Minnesota Prof. Perry Y. Li Lab 2: Cylinder actuator Objective To study the flow rate / speed relationship of a cylinder actuator and to gain experience in using MATLAB for data analysis. Specifically, you will determine the major (cap-side) and minor (piston-side) areas of the cylinder actuator. You will also learn about least squares method of curve fitting. Description The directional valve is used to control the direction of motion of the piston. The needle valve can be used to control the fluid flow rate and thus the velocity of motion of the piston. Determine the areas, A 1 and A 2 of the cylinder using the flow rate (Q a ) and the speed of the cylinder-piston. Pre-lab exercise – Due as a hardcopy at the beginning of lab 1. Study the schematic above and describe in a paragraph how a cylinder actuator operates. 2. Suppose that the cap-side area of the cylinder is A 1 (in 2 ), and the measured flow rate is Q a (gpm). Write an
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