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ME 4232_Lab_4 - valve B • Replace valve A with a needle...

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Revised 01/05/12 1 ME 4232: Fluid Power Control Lab University of Minnesota Prof. Perry Y. Li Lab 4: Pressure compensated flow control valve Objective Pressure compensated flow control valves are used to maintain constant flow rates in parts of the circuit irrespective of the pressure drop across the valve. In this experiment, you will investigate the effectiveness of two types of flow control valves: needle valves (studied in the previous lab) and pressure compensated flow control (PCFC) valves. To be specific, the pressure sensitivity of these valves will be studied. Pre-lab – Due as a hardcopy at the beginning of lab Study the construction of a restrictor type PCFC in your textbook. Draw the pressure vs. flow relationship of an ideal PCFC and describe, in a paragraph, how you expect the physical valve to behave compared to the ideal PCFC valve. Procedure Similar to the previous lab, obtain the pressure-flow relationship of valve A (PCFC) by adjusting the needle
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Unformatted text preview: valve B. • Replace valve A with a needle valve and adjust it such that, it has the same flow rate at a pressure drop which is at the middle of the operating range of the circuit. You may need to adjust valve A and B together to obtain this particular setting. • Obtain the pressure vs. flow relationship for the needle valve at this setting and compare it to the PCFC. • Repeat all of the above steps for 4 different settings of the PCFC. Report Your report should include the following • Detailed explanation of the working principle for the PCFC • Brief description of the experiment • Plot showing the data that you have collected • Is your data consistent with the expected flow-pressure relationship for the PCFC that you predicted in the pre-lab exercise? • What can you say about the internal parameters of the valve? • Based on the data you obtained, discuss which of the valves i.e., PCFC or needle is better suited for flow control....
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