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ME 4232_Lab_6 - ME 4232 Fluid Power Control Lab University...

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Revised 01/05/12 1 ME 4232: Fluid Power Control Lab University of Minnesota Prof. Perry Y. Li Lab 6: Meter in / Meter out circuit Objective We saw in Labs. 3 and 4 that needle valves and PCFCs are used to control flow rate. Because of the direct relationship between flow rate and velocity of a piston in a cylinder, these flow control valves are used to control the speed of an actuator. Such circuits are called meter-in / meter out circuits. In this lab, you will demonstrate the superior performance of a pressure compensated control valve over a needle valve for speed control. Pre-lab – Due as a hardcopy at the beginning of lab Review the operation of a pressure compensated flow control valves especially about what causes them to deviate away from the ideal behavior. Also, study meter-in and meter-out circuits [Ch. 11 in Eaton Manual]. In a one- paragraph summary, explain what happens in each case when the load on the actuator is acting in the direction and against the direction of motion of the actuator.
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