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MATH 141 HW INSTRUCTIONS: SPRING 2012 – KUNIYUKI • You do not have to do any problems indicated as “ ADDITIONAL PROBLEMS .” Write your name and Math 141 in the upper right-hand corner of your first sheet (or on a cover sheet). Use your own paper. If you turn in more than one packet, put your name on each one. Do not turn in a thick, bulky binder! I have to carry around a lot of these HWs, and the HWs might be returned much later . Clearly separate sections! • The sections are keyed to my online notes , not to a textbook. Show work where appropriate, and use “good form and procedure,” as in class! Each HW assignment is due at the corresponding exam. Expect late HW to be penalized. • Remember that you learn by thinking about problems, not by just going straight to the answers! You do not have to rewrite the questions , though copy down expressions, equations, etc. that you are “working on.” This will help you when you study. • You may want to (neatly) write comments and mark problems you have trouble with. The HW is a tool to help you! • The HW will be scanned for completeness and for honest effort. It will not be graded rigorously. Again, the HW is a tool to help you! It may inspire exam problems . Also, … • Feel free to ask me questions about the HW (or anything else) – in office hours, by email (or phone), or during the in-class HW sessions we will have; I usually take questions during part of the class session before an exam. Tell me your thought process! Don’t just give me a list of numbers. • Feel free to email / tell me about corrections and suggestions . I’m always trying to improve these materials.
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