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Zach Schatz October 1, 2010 WRT 105 “So What?” Paragraphs Image #1: Train This image is an artistic photograph with very symbolic intent. The picture shows an empty train that is clearly not in use as there is graffiti and filth covering the interior. In the second row there are three people sitting but if you look closer they are transparent and the only “real” living thing in the train is a cat. The overall message implies a poverty stricken area where man cannot survive. There is no immediate relevance between the picture and a viewer because its simply art. It speaks a different message to everyone and is something to be appreciated for invoking deeper thoughts. But I do not know where this is; I do not see how it affects me in this moment. The observations matter on a personal level and each one drew me to my own conclusion. I personally have generalized that this area is unfit for human nature. Perhaps there is a bigger message as well about transportation and evolution. It seems as though it is an old rundown train, so
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