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Critical Summary Assignment - such as School Daze contain...

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Zach Schatz September 1, 2010 Writing 105 Critical Summary Assignment In Bell Hooks’ essay, “Selling Hot Pussy”, she takes the reader through the revealing truth of the sexual exposure of black females after a personal anecdote sets the tone of frustration. Her frustrations derive from the silence of her white friends as no one speaks out against a blatantly racist symbol. Hooks then begins by tracing back to the ages of slavery where black slaves were often abused both physically and sexually. Hooks takes her argument to a new level when she introduces the idea that there has always been some sort of mass attraction to black women since this time. Evidence supports this notion as the media progressively exploits the black woman’s body every day. Since the late nineteenth century there has been an appeal to black “butts” and is constantly addressed in pop culture songs and movies. Multiple of Spike Lee’s movies,
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Unformatted text preview: such as School Daze , contain scenes and characters that flaunt the body of a black woman and always puts emphasis on the “butt”. Numerous black singers use their sexual appeal in order to gain fame and success. Tina Turner changed her image, beginning a new era, once separating from her abusive husband. She used the image of black women being “wild” and many others followed in her footsteps. Hooks also mentions numerous other musicians and writers that have dealt with this media attention. The overexposure of black women still occurs today and continues to progress to new levels. Performers such as Beyonce and Ciara now have music video that solely focus on what intricate ways they can move their bodies, distracting the audience from the true art of their voice. This era is like none ever before as black women attract the same if not more attention to their bodies than white women in the media....
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Critical Summary Assignment - such as School Daze contain...

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