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Jumpstart Essay 2 - Zach Schatz Writing 105 Questions The...

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Zach Schatz September 20, 2010 Writing 105 Questions: The Key to the Future Various styles and techniques of photography are utilized in order to convey the meaning of the overall image. These techniques may be obvious or very subtle, for example, a joyful picture may contain colorful scenery while a black and white image expresses a gloomy state of mind. “The Practice of Looking”, by Sturken and Cartwright, discusses the means of visual images and their importance of communicating messages and propaganda. In Maggie Anderson’s “Among Elms and Maples, Morgantown, West Virginia, August 1935”, she challenges the idea that an image only has one set meaning, claiming that photographs are not mirror reflections. Anderson’s questioning of an image’s validity parallels Sturken and Cartwright’s theory of photographic truth. However, Josh Neufeld demonstrates that other images are purposely persuasive counteracting the questioning of framing. In his graphic story, “A.D. New Orleans After the Deluge”, Neufeld utilizes the images to convey his message of frustration and anger to compliment the use of his words. Nonetheless all three writing pieces revolve around the work of visual images. In the end the use of visual images instills an intended way of thinking but is always good to ask questions and challenge the truth. Sturken and Cartwright express a claim that although visual images are from the perspective of one person, the captivator, it may contain multiple different interpretations. Interpreting an image is subjective as people from different cultures have different outlooks and perspectives: “A single image can serve a multitude of purposes, appear in a
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range of settings, and mean different things to different people” (Sturken & Cartwright 10). Sturken and Cartwright repetitively stress the principle of various interpretations as
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Jumpstart Essay 2 - Zach Schatz Writing 105 Questions The...

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