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Zach Schatz September 13, 2010 Writing 105 Jumpstart Essay Working Title Writing is a powerful tool that many talented authors master over time by convincing an audience that their claim is correct through an abundance of support. All writing contains both ideas and opinions in order to allow the reader to see through the author’s perspective. These critical points of a story or essay may be obvious and loud or subtle and clever, but in the end all opinions fall under the categories as either objective or subjective. An objective point is one that is not an opinion but rather a historical reference or a fact that cannot be argued. In contrast, subjective support in writing is an
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Unformatted text preview: opinion, influenced by personal feelings. In Practices of Looking: Images, Power, and Politics, by Sturken & Cartwright, a clear frame is set as to distinguish between subjective and objective support. Exemplified in both Selling Hot Pussy and A.D. New Orleans After the Deluge, by bell hooks and Josh Neufeld respectively, both authors provide objective and subjective point of views through their writing. In the end all authors provide objective and subjective support in order to support their claims and allow the reader to share their point of view....
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